Folk Rock Quintet


Stew has previously release his first Solo Album: The Best of .... Yet to come, and a limited edition EP: All the best

On May 25th Stew will be releasing his most  recent work: Milk Man Son. This work is a reflection of Stew's journey into Folk Music. Having started his music career in punk and grunge Stew found a place to communicate with his audience somewhere in the middle of traditional music, eccentric stage craft, and a touch of punk attitude that just wouldn't shift.

Milk Man Son has been succesfully Crowdfunded and will be released on Whaprecords.

Hadrians Union

Hadrian’s Union are a five piece Contemporary Folk Rock band from the debateable lands of England and Scotland. Influences include: Lindisfarne,Jethro Tull, Stackridge, Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band.


Solo Albums

Milk Man Son
Milk Man SonStew Simpson
The Best of Yet to Come
The Best of Yet to ComeStew Simpson

Hadrians Union Albumbs

Trapped In Time
Trapped In TimeHadrians Union
In Your Own Time
In Your Own TimeHadrians Union
Aural Borderalis
Aural BorderalisHadrians Union


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